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The Actors

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Savanah Joeckel as Angela Jones


Angela is a 20 something paralegal who is not afraid of anyone, but herself. Perpetually cynical and sometimes angry after Abandoned by her a mother as a child. Angela is an anxiety riddled highly intelligent near-do-well.  Frustrated at work and unhappily married she copes with life by drinking , smoking and the occasional Xanax

Mark Justice as Laz Jones


Laz is the simultaneously arrogant and insecure husband of Angela. Unable to contribute financially to the marriage and being, less than dedicated to Angela,  Mark stumbles through life focused on excuses. 

Traci Newman as Sharon Smith

Sharon is happily married to Mark (Dean Cain) and Angela's best friend who happens to be an attorney. She is always there for Angela as the supportive yet slightly superior friend.


Dean Cain as Mark Smith


Mark is the happily married successful attorney husband of Angela's best friend. Tall, Dark and smug he is always willing to lend a hand and remind you that he is perfect. 

Emre Orun as Mr Epps


Mr Epps is a sleazy high-power attorney. A narcissist, sexual deviant and sadist. As Angela’s boss he regularly uses her as his personal punching bag calling on her to clean up his messes. He takes great joy in keeping Angela down.

Paul Sorvino as Papa Paulie


Papa Paulie is the wise and lovable restaurant owner. Nearing the tail end of his personal journey he helps Angela see the living and loving is the meaning of existence.

Dee Dee Sorvino as Dee Amato

Dee is the wife of Paul Amato, they co-own the a diner together. Although we don't see her very long she is the one who bring s Paul and Angela together.

*Fun fact, Paul and Dee wrote a cookbook together and it's in one of the scenes of the film, Pinot, Pasta, and Parties.

Dean Phillippi Sr. as Father Matthew

Father Matthew is there for Angela at a young age. While Anglea is getting abused by the Mother Superior he bravely steps in.  Angela confides in him through the years in times of need.

Tiffini H Gothard as Mother Theresa

Tiffini is the first villian in this film showing the rotten side of Catholic power gone wrong. She is abusive, loud and just out right scary.

Kaia Nagorski as Young Angela

We see young Kaia in a flashback of what Angela experienced in her younger years at the orphanage.

Troy Williams as The Cook

Troy the funny cook was originally cast to be the restaurant owner but when Paul decided to come we made a quick change and got him a part.  It worked out well.

Paul D. Schad as Detective Mince

Paul plays the lead detective to solving the hit and run case, he is a seasoned actor who actually prefers to play the villian but you can't tell here as he plays a clean cut professional perfectly.


Angela Ford as Detective Cadence Warren

Angela is a good side kick for Detective Mince she even supports him in his quirky jokes.

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